Thermoplastic Road Marking

Thermoplastic Road Marking services

Road Marking or Road Furniture in India is a highly professional service that includes or you would say carry tones of responsibility for the Nation and the Indian. Carry tones of responsibility for the Nation and the Indian.

We, Interglobe Provide the best quality Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint and Service which has the main quality is,” Never Fades Away”. We follow each standard of road Marking which processing it;

IRC (Indian Road Congress)-
Indian Road Congress is the public standard in India. Our Road Making Services in India are in compliance with all IRC standards like,

  • IRC-002 – Route Marker sings for National Highways
  • IRC-005 & IRC-006 – Standards Specifications & Code of the practice of Road – Bridges.
  • IRC-011 – Recommended practice for the design of Tracks.
  • IRC- 025 & IRC-026 – Type and Design for boundary stones & 200 Metre Stones.
  • IRC-030 – Standard letters & numbers of Different Heights For use on Highways Signs.
  • IRC-031- Route Maker Sign for State Routes.
  • IRC-035 – Code of the practice of Road Marking.
  • IRC-039 – Stands of Road- Rail Level Crossings.
  • IRC- 067 – Code of Practise for Road Signs.

There is a list of all such Standards Which We, Interglobe Follow in our Thermoplastic Road Making Service.

Why Thermoplastic Road

Road Marking is as important as Road Making AS Nation Run on Highways as a Nation Safely Controlled on Thermoplastic Road Making Services. Generally, Road Construction has many bases, Mixes, and processes. The Clean & Gravelle, Levelling, Embankment, granular base, Wet mix Macadam, Dense mix Bitumen Macadam and lastly Bitumen Concrete Mix after all such long process Road/ Highway can’t be Called ready yet the main controlled part remains, The Thermoplastic Paint Marking.

Interglobe knows it’s the high value that road Making needs proper planning and engineering so as Thermoplastic paint marking needs. By understanding the major values we carry the perfect formula paint which is heat and waterproofed Durable catch.